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About WBSRocks

There are several approaches to growing or scaling a small business. Some would recommend growth hacking strategies for aggressively marketing your products or services. In contrast, others would say that the only way to cross $10 mil in revenue would be through inorganic growth.

If you asked any business owners or executives, 90% of them, including ME, suffer from dream-reality confusion—some claiming their growth ambitions to be as high as 3x in the next three years. Yet, the stark reality is that 90% of the SMB businesses rarely grow and join the list of fastest-growing companies--or would ever become fortune-500 companies. Marketing calls it crossing the chasm, while others blame it on the “people,” “mindset,” or “culture” issue. In the ERP or business system world, they call it people, process, and technology.

This group takes a holistic and unique approach to crossing the chasm with business systems or technology. This group is relevant for business owners, consultants, researchers, and executives (CFO, CEO, CIO, and COO) who have gone (or who aim to go through) through a process of scaling a business with the help of technology. But, most importantly, leaders like you who have their feet on the ground and working tirelessly to manage their P&L.

What our guests and listeners say

  • "Congratulations to Sam Gupta and the team at ElevatIQ for the launch of your WBSRocks podcast. Sam approached me to be on the show, and I really liked the concept, so I jumped at the chance, and I am very glad I did. Sam is easy to talk to, and we were able to have a great conversation that I think the audience will get a lot of value from. As a podcast host myself, Sam made it easy to move to the other side of the mic. All the best to the team, and thank you for having me on the show!”

    Sarah Barnes-HumphreyCEO, Shipz
  • "Recently, I was privileged to be invited as a guest in the WBS Podcast hosted by Sam Gupta of ElevatIQ. It was an amazing experience. Sam turned out to be the perfect host. He was pleasant and ensured that I was comfortable. As the podcast progressed, I was impressed with not only his level of preparedness but also the way in which he ensured a neat segue from one topic to another. I loved the value the podcast adds to the knowledge management for its target audience. This podcast should be widely available. Awesome work ElevatIQ team."

    Ramaswamy V KrishnamurtiEnterprise Application Architect and ERP Advisor
  • "Sam lives up to his nomenclature, “super-connector”, and his work as a thought-leader in the ERP, consulting and financial worlds, and as the host of WBS Podcast (a best-in-class, amazing show) have had impact globally."

    Cory WarfieldChief Connection Officer, Coryconnects